It’s Greek to me

You may have some preconceptions of fraternities or sororities from popular movies that depict reckless party animals majoring in debauchery. These stereotypes make for good (and funny) movies, but the reality is that the Greek fraternities and sororities of today are reputable organizations that offer fellowship, academic support, leadership training, and participation in campus activities and philanthropy in the community.

It’s a decision you shouldn’t be “rushed” into

Most fraternities and sororities gain new members by a process called “rush” – a meet and greet whirlwind of a week that’s sort of like speed dating where neither party really gets a chance to know the other. At Phi Delta Theta, we prefer not to use the word “rush,” exclusively because we don’t feel anyone should be rushed into a decision that’s this important. After all, joining a fraternity is a lifelong commitment.

Our recruitment process usually begins by receiving referrals from Phi Delta Theta brothers, campus leaders and alumni who personally can recommend young men with integrity. Unlike traditional “rush” which takes place two weeks out of the year, we are constantly on the lookout for standouts all year long. We seek out scholars, future business leaders, communitarians, athletes, many different kinds of campus leaders, and all around gentlemen. Once we find guys who are the real deal, we simply hand out information and tell our story. We ask him a lot of questions about what he wants in life and where he’s going. If it feels right for both of us, we start a friendship that may very well end up in being brothers for life.

The path to a greater you

Even if you find out Phi Delta Theta is not the perfect choice for you, we encourage you to get involved with Greek Life. The right fraternity (or sorority) can enrich your college years with rewarding service to the community, leadership training, social activities, academic achievement, and friendships that will last a lifetime.

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Greek Life on campus

The University of Washington has 30 Fraternities and 18 Sororities, making it the largest and most vibrant Greek Community west of the Mississippi. This makes for a very rich Greek Life experience. On campus, there are more than 2,000 Fraternity men, and over 1,500 Sorority women.

The portrayal of Greek life in the media is one of “All play no work”, but in reality, the All Greek Average GPA is significantly higher than the All Undergraduate GPA (compare 3.34 to 3.25). In particular, our chapter GPA is consistently above 3.4. That nearly places our average member on the dean’s list.

For more information on Greek life at the University of Washington, visit our InterFraternity Council website!