Phi Delta Theta is always looking to recruit men of the highest caliber to join our ranks of scholars, leaders, and athletes

For many of Phi Delta Theta’s members, their experience allows them to hone their personal leadership skills and prepare for life after college. In the coming school year, Phi Delta Theta offers a unique opportunity for young leaders to follow in the footsteps of Jack Medica, William Kirschner, and more than 2,500 UW alumni to answer the question: Are You a Leader?

Become the Greatest Version of Yourself

The University of Washington is home to the largest Greek Community west of the Mississipi. Understandably, the task of exploring all 32 fraternities (and picking the right one) is more than a little intimidating. Every fraternity has its own way of establishing the bonds of brotherhood, cultivating a healthy social life, and ensuring a high standard of academic performance.

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Here at Phi Delta Theta, we believe that each of these elements of college life is subject to the guidance of our three core principles: Friendship, Sound Learning, and Moral Rectitude. These values are like the glue that connects us to each other, and separates us from other Fraternities on campus. To us, these things aren’t just handed down to us from our national organization, but they have a real significance to us. These values are intricately tied to who we are, and what our image is like on campus. They are one of the many reasons we can say that we are proud to be Phis.

Our Recruitment Process

Most school’s have what is called “Rush Week”, where students have a week of formal recruitment, but the University of Washington’s Fraternities recruit informally. We recruit primarily incoming freshmen over the Summer before they actually start taking classes. This has its benefits and drawbacks, but at the end of the day it forces us to be innovative with the ways that we recruit.

Although we are mostly looking for incoming freshmen, we know that there are rising sophomores who missed the opportunity to rush and would still like to join. We welcome this group as well.

Our process is very informal, but still serious. We mostly want to hang out with you and get to know you on a more personal level before we can decide if you would be a good fit for our Brotherhood.

If you are interesting in learning more about us, please get in touch!


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